A brief about few of the services we provide are


  • We offer classroom trainings which has more and direct interactions with the participants making them feel lively
  • Trainings are presented with suitable examples and good number of exercises / quiz
  • Practical workshops are conducted by forming teams
  • The trainees are evaluated based on a simple test or practical session to understand where they stand post the training
  • We have always received good feedback on the trainings conducted

Conduct Gap Analysis

  • Understand the business needs
  • Recommend a suitable framework
  • Identify the internal team who can play a major role in providing inputs
  • Provide awareness to the team on what we will be looking for and why
  • Interact with the team members and collect the inputs
  • Finalize the gap analysis report and present it to stakeholders and management

Conduct Internal Audits

  • Understand the business goals and objectives
  • Identify the main roles to be audited
  • Arrive at an audit schedule and areas to be audited
  • Conduct internal audit with the identified roles and also discuss with project team at random
  • Identify the good practices followed and opportunities for improvement
  • Map the findings to the defined process or framework referred
  • Support the team in arriving at corrective action, if required

Deployment Support

  • Mentor the team in deploying the defined processes
  • Understand the best practices and areas for improvement
  • Provide required trainings to support the deployment
  • Capture the lessons learnt and action plan for further improvement
  • Track the lessons learnt for implementation
  • Monitor the progress and check the implementation status
  • Arrive at trend / trend graphs to depict the improvement graphically

Define Processes

  • Understand your way-of-working by interacting with the stakeholders
  • Choose a suitable framework that fits your business
  • Conduct gap-analysis
  • Support in defining processes to suit your business framework

Business Consulting

  • Assess your current business situation and arrive at an AS-IS report
  • Understand your targets and where you prefer to reach or want to achieve
  • Closely work with your team to help arrive at an action plan to improve the way-of-working
  • Support the complete team to progress towards their targets
  • Perform quarterly review to monitor the progress