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Agile Methodologies (Scrum, Kanban)

Conventional way of development consumes lot of effort and time. With the growing competition, customers prefer early deliveries and look for quick turn-around time. Every project is driven by a project manager. If the project management practices can be improved / optimized, we can experience a good turn-around time. Scrum and Kanban are effective project management practices which can help in handling the projects smartly


Capability Maturity Model Integrated. Every professional is good at performing their jobs as per their skill levels. CMMI helps to identify how matured ( as the name says) is the organization with respect to the practices followed. It helps in improving the productivity, timelines and reducing cost. We offer CMMI trainings covering the introduction, and the process areas to be met at different maturity levels. There are 5 levels of maturity in CMMI identified as Initial, Managed, Defined, Quantitatively Managed and Optimized, as per staged representation of CMMI.

5S / 6S

Being organized, clean, secured, safe and following standard way of working is a need in every walk of life. 5S / 6S helps to implement such good practices in your organization. The benefit of these practices are looking more professional and disciplined, reducing the cost and optimizing the space etc

ISO 9001(Quality) /27001 (Security) / 14001(Environment) – Awareness Program

  • Every organization requires a quality way of working. They are at times not aware of how to start and from where to start. An awareness program on ISO 9001 quality standards help them to plan. Small sized and middle-sized companies and start-ups can begin with ISO 9001 framework.
  • In the current situation, security has become a serious concern. There are certain expectations from government and law to implement mandatory security practices. ISO 27001 provides the controls to be implemented to comply to security requirements
  • Many of the government projects and private industries has mandatory requirements of safe-guarding the environment and protecting it from pollution. This provides an healthy environment to work. Be it land, water, air or noise etc, there are some mandatory expectations to be enforced to safeguard the environment. ISO 14001 provides the guidelines / expectations to be enforced to comply to the environment requirements.

ISO 9001(Quality) /27001 (Security) /14001 (Environment) – Internal Auditors, Lead-Auditor Program

as mentioned above the awareness in quality, security and environment standards are for implementation in the organization. However, as an organization grows, they may prefer to have their own team of internal auditors and lead-auditors who can self-assess their organization status w.r.t the standards and appraise the management from time-to-time. We provide such Internal auditors and Lead auditor training programs.